Leveling Up Your Character (Original Guide Here) Edit


Your character is broken down from Levels 1- 10 and Prestige 1-5. To increase your level and your prestige, you will need a combination of XP boost and manuals.

Leveling Up

To increase your level from 1- 10 you will need to acquire XP bottles. You can either purchase the bottles from the store or get them from the daily attendance. XP bottles range from small to large. There is no price break currently for buying larger bottles or larger quantities.


To prestige a character you must reach level 10. After you reach level you will need to purchase manuals to prestige which also can be found at the shop. Each prestige uses different combo of manuals and a different number of manuals. There are 4 different manuals, beginner, intermediate, advance, and position.

To use the bottles or manuals after purchase, go to Management and select the player you would like to level. Select level up and click the bottles you purchased. The same goes for prestiging, except instead of selecting level up, you select prestige.

Every character has base stats, with each level and prestige increase, their base stats will raise. Some characters have passives that will affect them, and/or other teammates, or the opposing team.

Prestige 1 Edit

Manuals for Prestige: n/a

Coins Required: n/a

XP Drinks Required: 5 Large, 1 Medium, 3 Small

Coins Required: 7500 + 500 + 300 = 8300 c

Prestige 2 Edit

Manuals for Prestige: 6 Beginner, 2 Position

Coins Required: 1500 + 1500 = 3000 c

XP Drinks Required: 9 Large, 2 Medium

Coins Required: 13500 + 1000 = 14500 c

Prestige 3 Edit

Manuals for Prestige: 7 Beginner, 2 Standard, 4 Position

Coins Required: 1750 + 1000 + 3000 = 5750 c

XP Drinks Required: 12 Large, 1 Medium, 2 Small

Coins Required: 18000 + 500 + 200 = 18700 c

Prestige 4 Edit

Manuals for Prestige: 13 Standard, 6 Advanced, 8 Position

Coins Required: 6500 + 9000 + 6000 = 21500 c

XP Drinks Required: 17 Large, 1 Medium

Coins Required: 25500 + 500 = 26000 c

Prestige 5 Edit

Manuals for Prestige:

Coins Required:

XP Drinks Required:

Coins Required:

*In order to take your base character to Prestige 4, Level 10, you need 500c