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3on3 FreeStyle is a Basketball Multiplayer game developed by JoyCity, a global game company based in Korea. The game is played on a basketball court where six characters on two teams, use their own skills and attributes try to outscore the other team. Gameplay in 3on3 Freestyle is also mostly skill-based, but through leveling up characters, the shot success chance will favor more developed teams. Every character has a unique personality and core skills. To enhance the core skills of a character, the player may purchase exp drinks, and other consumables to level up.

The game officially went into open beta on December 6, 2016. The PS4 version of 3on3 FreeStyle can be downloaded through the PlayStation Store. The game has officially been released on February 28, 2017.


Main Articles:

* Game Controls

* Characters (Finished Centers)

* Skills (Named Center Skills)

* Game Play & Tips

Main Features:

* Go Street

* Management (Finished Centers)

* Shop

* Achievement (Under Construction)

* Crew (Under Construction)

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* JoyCo Team

* FS Albums

* Items

* Clothes


* Prestige and Leveling

* Coins and Exp Rewards

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